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What is PPE?

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Most people would say that they are familiar with PPE in the workplace (personal protective equipment). Whether it be the food industry, or construction and warehouse jobs, PPE is almost always a standard for safety across any industry.

However, many cultivators tend to ignore the use of PPE in the grow house, and around their cannabis. By the way, if you're looking for the best wholesale CBD flower, you'll want to check out our updated article.

It's an Absolute Must!

It might seem like quite a bit of 'overkill', however, PPE when working in the grow house and around cannabis is an absolute must. Let's talk about why PPE is important, and what kinds of PPE you should be wearing.

What Kind of Protective Gear Is Necessary in The Grow House?

Within the cannabis cultivation industry, OSHA has its own set of federal regulations regarding protective gear when working in the grow house. In addition, each state will also have its own additional regulations and safety standards.

However, in general, you should always enter the grow house wearing the following:

  • Full body coveralls made of breathable material.
  • Gloves
  • Eye protecting glasses/goggles
  • Slip resistant shoes
  • Hairnet/hood/hat
  • Respirator on certain occasions

The idea behind PPE in the grow house is to not only protect the individual, but also the plants. Having yourself covered as much as possible will accomplish both.

Why Protective Equipment Is Important in The Grow House

It's always a good idea to wear PPE whenever growing cannabis on any scale--large or small. Even if you simply have 1-2 plants at home, you should always protect yourself to some degree.

This is because working with plants and industrial grade chemicals and organic materials can be dangerous no matter what. In addition, sometimes you simply have to protect the plant as well.

The primary reasons for wearing PPE in the grow house include, but are not limited to:

Protect Against Biohazards

The grow house can become a hotbed for molds, and growths that thrive on the heat and humidity that exist within a grow house. It is important to protect your skin and respiratory system from these types of organisms. In addition, the resins and compounds on the cannabis itself can also cause skin and eye irritation when exposed to high levels frequently.

Protect Against Chemical Hazards

Pesticides, plant nutrients, fertilizers, fungicides, all can become quite commonly used in the grow house when growing cannabis. These chemicals and nutrients can irritate the skin and cause health hazards when individuals become exposed to them in large quantities. It is important to protect your skin, eyes, and respiratory system from them.

Protect Against Physical Hazards

Within the grow house, you are likely going to find increased moisture on the floors, as well as various pieces of industrial equipment that may be present within the grow house. It is important to protect your body from potential injury that could be incurred by accident within this environment.

Protect the Cannabis Plants from Hazards

It is incredibly easy to bring particulates, and other foreign objects into the grow house via your clothes, or body in some way. These particulates can harm or damage the integrity of the cannabis. You always want to protect the plants themselves from any harmful substances that you or others may drag into the grow house.

It may seem or feel odd to get into the habit of fully suiting up before entering the grow house at first. However, with time, you will get used to it.

With all of the various hazards that exist that could harm you, or the plants themselves, PPE in the grow house is essential to growing top quality cannabis.

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