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Tips on Improving Your Cannabis Flavor

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Much like a fine wine, the flavor profile of cannabis can be just as diverse and exotic depending on the strain and growth conditions. Different strains and hybrids of cannabis will each come with their own rich and vibrant flavor profiles, which can greatly enhance the overall experience of the cannabis--or hurt it.

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All Cannabis Does Not Taste the Same

While some may say that all cannabis tastes the same, the truth is that cannabis can and absolutely does taste better when properly cared for during the growing phases. If you are interested in maximizing the flavor of your own personal cannabis crop, here are a few tips on how to do it.

Start with Quality Seeds

The harsh truth is that a good quality cannabis plant always begins with a good quality seed. While lower quality seeds can be cared for in a way that drastically improves their quality, it can be a lot of work.

Starting with a high-quality seed is always starting off on the right foot. Begin by sourcing your seeds (or clones) from a reputable seller who can guarantee a healthy and quality pedigree!

Boost Terpene Production

Terpenes are far and away the most important component when it comes to building a complex and desirable flavor profile. Terpenes are a molecular compound that exist within many types of plants and contribute greatly to the overall flavor and smell of your cannabis. In addition, terpenes are attributed to the quality of high as well.

In order to increase terpene production, a cannabis plant needs to undergo careful and strategically planned stress. Low stress training is a way to 'stress' the plant by encouraging it to grow more widely rather than upwards. This exposes more of the leaves to sunlight and encourages terpene production.

Be Careful with Nutrients

Nutrient companies have a tendency to overestimate the required amount of nutrients necessary to feed your plants. Over feeding your cannabis plants can cause nutrient burn, which will lead to a very unsavory flavor and ultimately a bad harvest.

Always err on the side of caution when feeding your cannabis plant nutrients and try to hone in on the 'sweet zone' that produces the results you are looking for.

Cure Your Bud

After you have allowed your bud to dry properly, the best thing you can do for preserving and cultivating flavor is to cure it properly. As soon as your cannabis is dried, you should place it in a sealed jar or bag as soon as possible. For the first week, you should allow fresh air into the container once a day to allow proper levels of moisture to preserve the trichomes. Proper curing of the bud after it has been dried will help towards preserving the flavor for longer periods.

For many cannabis lovers, the flavor of the cannabis is just as important as the aroma when it comes to the overall experience of their high. Bud that tastes bad can ruin the experience entirely. Taking the time to properly care for your weed from the seed to the curing is going to go a long way towards creating a tasteful and delicious bud.

While it may seem simple to say 'take care of the plant and it will taste better' the process is actually more in depth than that. In truth, honing in on the proper methods to produce the flavor you are looking for can take quite a bit of trial and error. Don't be afraid to experiment!

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