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These are 4 of the Top Cannabis Strains That Can Give You More Energy

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A common misconception about marijuana is that it is only good when it comes to unwinding after a tiresome day or simply relaxing. Very few people associate it with energy and productivity. This may be true for Indica strains, but a lot of people who are susceptible to daytime lethargy from stress, depression, or insomnia have realized the importance of certain other cannabis strains when it comes to boosting energy and productivity. However, in most cases, finding the perfect strain for you can be quite an undertaking, so we have compiled 4 of the cannabis strains that you can be sure will boost your energy all day long.

Durban Poison Cannabis

1. Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain from South Africa. Some people consider it to be the espresso of cannabis. It is a stimulating and clearheaded high, but it has no traces of the lethargy that usually comes with being stoned. Whether you are one of those who likes concentrates or the flower, Durban poison will surely wake you up and provide endless amounts of energy the entire day.
• With up to 25% THC content, its effects are strong.
• Just take up a couple of hits, and creativity, productivity, and engagement will come your way.
Note: Anxiety-prone users should be careful not to use too much because it can lead to possible paranoia.

JillyBean Cannabis

2. Jillybean is a hybrid strain, a cheerful cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen. Once its aroma is released, it gives off a sweet fragrance of oranges, wildflowers, and mango. The taste is sweet, strong and, like the name implies, it’s very similar to jelly beans. But, its aromatherapy is just a bonus to the energy effects it provides.
• Its THC levels are just about 20% and very low in CBD levels, which generally gives a sense of euphoria but with a burst of energy and productivity.
• Many people who use this strain claim that it makes them not just productive but also socially engaged.

3. Harlequin is known to have a high level of CBD content, so it basically provides a weightless sensation and minimal psychoactive effect. If you are one of those people who are sensitive to THC, then Harlequin is your best bet.
• Its CBD content makes it an ideal option for tasks that require clearheaded cognition.
• Its effects are relaxing, so you can easily maintain focus and alertness at all times, which increases productivity.
• You can use this strain to treat pain and anxiety.

4. Chocolope is also one of the most used strains for those seeking to increase their energy levels. Its energizing effects will keep you motivated all day long.
• Its earthy flavor smells like coffee and the effects are very similar.
• Many people consider Chocolope to be a wake-and-bake strain because it leaves you feeling unencumbered and energized to get you through your day.

Final verdict
You will come across a number of other strains that will keep you energized, but sometimes this may involve some experimentation to see what works for you. With these four, you are surely going to curb the lethargy and feel energized all day long. Remember, regardless of the strain you choose, it is always recommended that you smoke in the amount that will benefit you, otherwise, you may experience the same effects that come with overuse of certain medications.

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