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CBG Seeds vs. CBD Seeds

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As with any industry that shows massive monetary potential, cannabis has seen a lot of innovation in recent years.

What was once one of the most mysterious plants known to man, cannabis is slowly having its layers of mystery pulled back and examined more closely by researchers. The summer of 2019 brought with it one such innovation in the cannabis market, that could change the way we see cannabis forever.

Researchers have finally developed a way to grow certain strains of cannabis that are high in CBG throughout the growth process. That means that the bud you smoke, contains about 15% CBG and 0% THC or CBD.

Why is this interesting? Well, let's talk about what CBG is and how it compares to its closest counterpart, CBD. If you're interested in buying CBG seeds, look no further.


CBG and CBD are very similar in a lot of ways. Both are cannabinoids that are found within the cannabis plant. However, each comes with their own unique properties. Because of this, many growers are interested in the differences between the two in case they potentially decide to switch to CBG seeds over CBD seeds for future harvests. First let's take a look at how they compare.


In regard to cultivation, CBG strains of cannabis and industrial hemp strains are relatively the same. They go through the same cycles of photoperiods; they require the same soil composition, etc. After all, they are the same type of plant. In addition, CBG contains no THC. This means that it, like CBD, is also legal to cultivate and grow in all 50 states.


CBG is not as readily available of a cannabinoid as CBD. CBD is easily cultivated through industrial hemp and can be mass produced. CBG, on the other hand, can be incredibly expensive and time consuming to cultivate. This is primarily due to the fact that the highest concentration of CBG is found in the early stages of growth. So, in order to get the most CBG from a plant, one must harvest their crop when it is still very young. This can reduce the overall harvest yield and increase cost.

Is It Viable to Cultivate CBG?

As it stands right now, CBG is not as readily available for cultivation as CBD. Meaning, in essence, CBG dense strains of cannabis are still being developed and are not quite up to the standard of quality that CBD dense strains are.

While there are certain seedbanks and cultivators who have developed CBG dense strains, it could still take a few more years before those strains are stable enough for mass production.

As of now, if you want to grow CBG dense crops, you will need to harvest your hemp when it is still young. Otherwise, you will need to plant experimental crops that may not have the highest level of quality.

You may be wondering what the exact reason for buying, or growing CBG seeds might be. To summarize, it really comes down to what the grower is looking for. CBG has the potential for capitalizing on a completely different commercial market.

Cultivating CBG strains is a very similar process to cultivating CBD strains. However, in personal use, CBG can simulate a more traditional cannabis experience for consumers.

Growing CBD seeds versus growing CBG seeds is almost exactly the same. The end result is when things start to differ. As of right now, not much is known about CBG in practice. However, you can expect to become very familiar with it in the coming years as it hits the market in a big way.

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