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5 Popular Ways to Smoke Wax Without A Rig

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Wax is probably the most popular form of cannabis concentrate available on the market. There are several other forms that THC concentrate can come in, but wax is probably the most accessible and the easiest to consume. However, what many might not know, is that smoking wax--dabbing--usually requires the use of a specialized dab rig.

These are rigs designed to properly smoke the wax without losing any of the good-good, and to burn it safely. The only downside is that these rigs are usually expensive. So, if you are looking to smoke wax, but don't have a big busy rig, here's how you can do it.

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The Joint Method

This method is rather self-explanatory and will be easy for almost any smoker to grasp. All you have to do is simply place a small amount of wax inside your standard joint and smoke it!

Be careful to not place any wax on the end you are lighting--open flame directly on wax is not a fun time. This method is probably the most popular method for those who don't want to do a pure dab, or who don't have a rig.

The Bowl Method

If you are a bowl smoker, as opposed to joint smoker, the bowl method is for you. This is a similar concept to the joint method, just modified to fit the bowl.

Start by packing your bowl 1/3rd of the way full of bud and add a small layer of wax on top of the weed. Know add a final thin layer of weed on top of that wax, sandwiching it in the middle, and smoke as usual!

The Healthstone Method

Healthstone glass is a unique little glass product that makes dabbing or smoking concentrates a breeze for those who do it often.

Healthstone is a porous glass that looks sort of like a sponge and sits in the bowl of a pipe and is heated with the dab placed on top of it. The act of smoking is very similar to smoking from a pipe in general, but the healthstone glass makes it far easier.

The Cooking Method

This method might not be as 'fun' as the others, but it still works, and you will still get a more intense high than normal cannabis flower would provide. You can decarboxylate cannabis concentrates just like you would flower and use them to cook in baked goods or homemade candies.

The wax is far more THC dense than flower would be, and wax-made edibles are also more 'potent' in this regard. Just make sure not to add too much, as you will end up getting more than you bargained for!

The Knife Method

This method is for those who absolutely do not have any other option. It is a bit dangerous and doesn't get quite the same results you would get from more secure methods.

However, it will work. Simply take a butter knife and heat it on a stove top or with a torch. Once it is good and hot, drop your wax dab on the knife and inhale the fumes as fast as you can. This method will result in wasting a fair bit of wax, but in a pinch, it will do the trick.

Smoking wax is a highly concentrated form of cannabis, and as such should be smoked with caution. This is not to mean that it is dangerous, just that it is very strong. Make sure to always start small and work your way up. Less can often be more with wax! Remember to be safe and enjoy the ride.

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