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Organic Weed Vs. Non-Organic Weed

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As with any sort of crop or consumer plant, marijuana is not immune to the 'organic vs. non-organic' debate. While it is easy to say that organic is always best--that is how nature intended things--sometimes non-organic growing methods have advantages as well.

There is a rather spirited debate among the cannabis community about the merits of growing organically as opposed to non-organically, but ultimately it will come down to the preferences of the grower.

Cannabis in general is a very hearty crop. It can be grown in a wide range of climates ranging from warm to cold. This means that cannabis can withstand quite a bit in the way of diversity when it comes to growing methods and styles.

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Both Kinds Will Yield Similar Results

In this regard, growing cannabis organically versus non-organically will ultimately yield very similar results. In most cases, the final product will be indistinguishable from each other unless you are an expert on the subject. However, that is not to say that each method does not have its own reasons for choosing it.

Non-organic Growing is the Most Popular

Non-organic cannabis growing is perhaps the most popular method of cannabis growing in the world. As with many things, science and synthetic processing has made the absolute need for organic nutrients a non-necessity.

These days, plant 'super-foods' can be synthesized and created in order to hone in on the exact amount of organic matter and nutrients required to make a cannabis plant thrive. Non-organic nutrients and water treatment methods can allow for growers to get really precise in their measurements, in addition to saving a whole lot of time.

Organic Growing Uses Only Naturally Sourced Materials

Organic cannabis growing is the act of using only naturally--and often locally--sourced materials in order to feed and nourish your cannabis plants. This is done by creating organic super soils, composts, and compost teas to feed the plant throughout the growth process.

In many cases, organic cannabis growing will require the grower to let the cannabis plant do its thing with very little intervention or adjustment in the pH or nutrient levels once the plant is in the ground. Organic growing can be very time intensive, and extremely 'hands-on' in the beginning phases.

It Comes Down To the Cost

An additional direct comparison of the two methods will come down to cost. Often non-organic growing is cheaper up front as it requires the grower to purchase less in the way of necessary nutrients and ingredients. Organic cannabis growing will require a bit of an 'up-start' cost to buy the ingredients needed to make the super coil, compost, etc.,

While these organic materials are not expensive individually, the mounting cost of all of them together can and often does exceed the cost of non-organic nutrients and soils. However, it is important to know that super soils and composts can be made in massive quantities and can save the grower money in the long run.

In the end, the choice will be up to you as the grower which method you prefer. Many growers prefer to grow organically as it helps them feel more connected to their crop; it ensures that no harsh chemicals or compounds enter the Earth or their plant.

Other growers like the ease and speed which comes with non-organic growing. Each method is valid, and each has merits. All you have to do is decide which works best for you!

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