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Feminized Hemp Seed vs. Non-Feminized Hemp Seed

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Planting and growing hemp flower capable of producing enjoyable, rich flavors is a delicate process. For both retail hemp flower, and processor specific biomass. The way in which hemp seeds are selected, and sometimes engineered, greatly affects the final product. Fortunately the sex of the seed, is more meant for farms as these are the individuals who are impacted when not knowing or understand hemp seed sex.

One of the newest innovations in the hemp world is the creation of autoflowering feminized hemp seeds and non-auto flowering hemp seeds. Auto flower is a seed specifically created to flower in less time than that of a traditional seed (which we will outline soon) this article is focused on fem vs non-fem seeds.

Fem vs non-fem refers to the process of utilizing only seeds of female genes, rather than regular hemp seeds, which include either male or female genes. This means that rather than the typical 50% chance of a female plant, breeders can ensure a near 100% chance of female plants. Some farms are offering exchange programs for any male plants produced when buying feminized hemp seeds from them. Of course we suggest reading any fine-print when engaging in any guarantees and/or exchanges.

How Do Breeders, Breed Feminize Seeds?

There are varying methods of feminization in the breeding process. Of these methods, some have higher or more consistent success rates than others. One of the more relaxed methods of feminization is to disrupt the light that the female plant receives at the point in its growth where it may flower.

There are other, more consistent methods as well. Special substances like silver thiosulphate or colloidal silver, when sprayed onto a female plant, can cause this plant to produce only seeds with female genes without having to be genetically modified in an unnatural way.

The method is very simple, but the science behind the way it works is a bit more complicated to explain. A hormone that is typically present during flowering on hemp plants is ethylene. These solutions halt ethylene production when sprayed on the plant.

As a result of halted ethylene production, the flowers end up being male on a female plant. Those pollen sacs are full of female genes, which will mostly develop into female plants when pollination occurs.

What Are the Benefits of Feminized Hemp Seeds?

Overall, the female plants end up with a richer flavor and more classically appealing effect in the hemp flower. This means that they are more pleasurable for individuals and more desirable to clients. The female plants are much more reliable and potentially profitable come harvest season when compared non-feminized seeds.

You could get a really profitable batch without having to purchase feminized seeds, but the odds are stacked and it may not be worth the risk. Especially for those who are continually growing plants, it is important to invest early on in the proper breeding of your flower.

The investment in feminized seeds results in a fast return on investment in the form of more productive plant growth and more satisfied clientele.

Feminized or Non-Feminized, its up to you and your budget

Buying Non Fem Seeds

  • Pay less for the seeds up-front, but expect to pay for labor to swap out males during your grow season.
  • Non-Feminized seeds can average $.5 - $.20 a seed

Buying Fem Seeds

  • Pay more for the seeds up front but less in labor to swap out male plants compared to non-feminized seeds.
  • Feminized seeds can average $.75 - $3.00 p/seed

How Does Feminizing Seeds vs. Regular Reduce Waste?

As stated previously in the introduction, when breeding hemp seeds, traditionally one would have a 50% chance of yielding a female plant. This means that growers end up having to waste roughly half of their crop, which ends up being male and unusable. They are only able to make use of the female 50% that grows.

In order to compensate, growers end up having to plant twice as many hemp seeds. This allows them to make up for any male plants that they can’t use.

When breeding is introduced and seeds are able to be feminized, this means that growers don’t have to plant these extra seeds. They can save the time, money, and resources necessary to plant more crops that will be profitable and useful.

The other risk that is run by growers who take the 50/50 chance is that some might run the risk of specific regulations placed on plant counts and growth. We never know what rules or regulations are going to appear and result in a lost harvest. Regulations can be strict and, if broken, can devastate local businesses and individuals. Fortunately hemp is less strict than that of hemp but we don't know what is to come. Growers must rely on knowing the gender of the plant, and sometimes going the less costly route means wasting time and resources catering to a plant that may grow into a male plant.

The Bottom Line

Ordering seeds online through a hemp seed bank is easy, and can allow you to attempt feminizing seeds or you can simply use the feminized seeds for yourself. Ordering seeds online is simple thanks to new systems in place. Discount Pharms has streamlined the ordering process so that buyers can obtain female hemp seeds as easily as saying hello.

Order your discount female hemp seeds online today in order to expedite and streamline your growing process. With the legal restrictions on the growth of hemp in place, it is important to not be growing excess crops and wasting time on unprofitable plants. The feminized seeds allow for each and every plant to be exactly what you need.

The bottom line? When it comes to feminized seeds vs regular seeds, you'll save time, money, and space when all of your plants are female. Order yours here!

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