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Did You Know That Your Cannabis Plant Can Get Stressed Out?

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The fact that plants are living and thriving organisms is widely known by the general population. However, many individuals really don't take the time to explore what it that really means.

Often it becomes far too easy to simply ignore plants and give them a bit of water ad sunlight every now and then. However, plants can find themselves needing a bit more nurturing than that in order to survive and thrive. For information on where to get CBG seeds on sale (different than CBD), click on the link.

Your Stressed-Out Plant Can Die If You Don’t Treat It Properly

Cannabis plants can and do undergo stress quite often. There are several scenarios in which cannabis plants can become stressed and produce less than optimal yield--or even die entirely. Let's explore some of the main causes of cannabis plant stress.

Water Stress Is Brought Upon By Over Watering or Under Watering

It is entire possible for a cannabis plant to get too much, or too little water. During the dry periods the plant can begin to wilt and dry up. During the moist periods, the cannabis plant can become waterlogged and develop issues in the roots. It's crucial that you are maintaining a healthy balance of water for the happiness of the plant!

Nutrient Stress

In most cases, cannabis plants experience stress due to lack of nutrients due to excess buildup around the roots. Simply giving your cannabis plant nutrients in the soil might not be enough. Performing proper root flushes to clear the roots of excess salts and substrate build-ups will ensure that the roots can access the nutrients you give them!

pH Stress

Cannabis is highly pH sensitive. Ideally, the water you use on your cannabis plants should be slightly acidic, with a pH balance of 5.7-6.5. Always check the pH balance of your water before watering your cannabis plant.

Age Stress

Cannabis plants are annual plants. This means that they will grow, produce a harvest, and die. However, some first-time growers will try to extend the lifetime of their plant past this natural cycle. This can cause stress on the plant, and lead to lower and less potent yields. If you have a plant you particularly love, it's best to clone the plant and allow the mother to die of naturally!

Light Stress

Cannabis plants are very particular about the cycles of light that they need, and enjoy, in order to grow properly. They are seasonal plants, and as such naturally respond to the changing of light cycles.

By keeping an irregular light cycle, you can inadvertently trigger early changes in the plant that can stress it out and even kill it. It is vital that you know what stage your cannabis plant is in and stick to the proper light schedule daily.

Damage Stress

Breakage in the stem, or stalk; chemical burns from nutrients or fertilizers; heat damage; torn leaves and branches, these are all physical damage that a cannabis plat can incur that will cause it stress and harm. It is crucial that you treat your cannabis plants gingerly and protect them from external forces that might harm them and kill them.

Environment Stress

There are plenty of environmental factors that can lead to your cannabis plant getting stressed out; irregular temperatures, sudden moisture level changes, plants that are too close together and create issues. The cannabis plant needs to be in a happy and stable 'home' in order to thrive.

Disease/Pest Stress

Pests and diseases are the bane of any cannabis plant, indoors and outdoors. These pests or illnesses can destroy entire crops and leave all your hard work decimated. They can cause massive stress in the cannabis plant and render it unable to grow and produce. Working diligently to identify early stages of disease and preventing pests will ensure your plant lives a stress-free life.

A happy cannabis plant will yield far better results than a stressed cannabis plant. While it may seem like a lot of work, it is crucial that you work hard to make sure that your cannabis plant is as happy and comfortable as possible.

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