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The Best Soil for Growing Hemp: Basics You Should Know

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With the introduction of the 2018 United States Farm Bill, you, me, and everyone in between can now grow hemp whenever we may choose. Those who wish to grow it for personal use, or even those who wish to grow it for commercial use, can now do so as they please.

With the recent interest in hemp as an industrial, medical, and personal resource, many cultivators have become increasingly curious about growing hemp for themselves.

It's safe to assume that if you are reading this, you fall into that category. That's great! Hemp is one of the most amazing, and versatile plants that exists on planet Earth. Even better, growing it can be amazingly simple once you have your grip on everything involved.

However, just like any plant, the secret to a great hemp crop starts with the soil. Often newcomers to hemp cultivation get the soil completely wrong and wind up with a failed product. In order to prevent that, let's take a look at what the ideal soil for hemp looks like. Couple this with our beginner's guide for autoflower seeds.

What Type of Soil Does Hemp Need?

In practice, you really don't need to concern yourself with what 'type' of soil to use for your hemp. Rather, you should concern yourself with what you put in the soil. Hemp requires some rather specific nutrients to grow to its fullest potential.

Luckily, if you are experienced with growing any other form of crop - such as tomatoes or corn - you will find there are a lot of similarities here.

Let's look at the optimal soil from the 'ground' up.

Ideal Soil Composition

Ideally you want to use loam soil that is loose and well aerated. You can also use well drained clay soils as well. You want something with plenty of organic matter.

If the soil does not have a good structure, your hemp is not likely to successfully grow. In addition, you will want the soil to be slightly alkaline. The pH balance of the soil would ideally be 7-7.5, with it being no less than 6.

Other Nutrient Factors

Hemp's needs are very similar to those of corn, if you are at all familiar with the soil needs of corn. In essence, you want to make sure your soil is rich in nitrogen, has plenty of phosphorous, and healthy bit of sulfur.

The exact levels of these nutrients will heavily depend on your strain and crop size; however, these are nutrients that you should be monitoring. Ultimately, the nutrients themselves are far more important than the soil itself.

Maintaining the proper soil composition for hemp is rather straightforward. You simply want to ensure that your soil is properly nutrient rich to meet the needs of the plant, just like anything else. The actual soil itself carries far less importance than the nutrients in the soil.

In addition, the quality of your seed will in itself even be more important than the soil. To summarize, as long as you are maintaining necessary nutrient levels, irrigating properly, and start with a good seed... The soil itself will have a bit of wiggle room.

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